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Doctoral candidate. 

Adriana Gallardo Luque

Welcome to my homepage. 

I am historian graduated from the University of Seville. I have a Master in Medieval Studies from the Complutense University of Madrid, and I have a Postgraduate Degree in Heritage from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain). 

My doctoral and medievalist facet

Now I'm in my last year of my PhD in Complutese University of Madrid. My research concentrates in Medieval symbolic animal inside the Christian culture by the art and the literature.  

I am interested in Christian Medieval history, Medieval Church History, History of Religion, Medieval Art, Christian Symbolism, Medieval illuminated manuscripts, Medieval animals, History of Animal Representations, Animals in Art and History. And also in History of Mentalities, and in the Literature and Culture in Medieval Spain.

My curator facet

From my passion for the History arise from my love for the cultural heritage and in particular for the national heritage. In relation to this facet, I believe that necessary focus is to place value on Spanish heritage in all its forms.



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